Corporate Kit

What is a Corporate Kit? A corporate kit is an elegant three ring binder embossed with your company name in gold on the spine. The purchase of a corporate kit may be the single best investment under $100 you can make. It includes many of the forms you need such as sample corporate resolutions, annual meeting forms, share or member certificates, share transfer ledger, company seal, etc. However, its single most important function may be to serve as the one place in which you keep all of your corporate records which may be irreplaceable or, at least, extremely expensive to replace.

Standard Corporate Kit

Standard Corporate KitThe Corporate Kit is a 3-ring binder which includes your company seal, membership certificates, sample operating agreement and sample minutes and resolutions. The company seal is also often required to open up a bank account.

*for international addresses, a courier fee applies. Please contact us directly for pricing information.


Electronic Corporate Kit

Emailed directly to the client, the new electronic corporate kit is fantastic for the entrepreneur who is looking to cut costs or thinks “green.” We recommend using a color laser printer for maximum impact.

Includes the following:

  • Printing instructions
  • By-Laws or Operating Agreement
  • 20 certificates
  • Recording stubs
  • Basic seal
  • Back wording files
  • Stock or member ledger
  • Company name file to insert in your own binder